How To Make The Durable Last Even Longer? 


All fasteners should be checked after initial settling period and tightened where necessary with the Allen key provided. Further tightening may be necessary at a later stage. Failure to follow this procedure may result in excessive movements of the joints, causing some fracturing of glue lines and splitting of timber components. 

If the new look is to be maintained, timberwork should be treated in a regular basis with commercially available penetrative decking oil or teak oil (available at most hardware stores). For normal climate conditions, we recommend Suncoast Sitra Kwila Oil. If the product is likely to endure direct and continuous sunlight, we suggest that you consult your local retailer for a more detailed maintenance programme. 

If the furniture is not oil maintained, the timber will gradually weather to a silver grey colour, and some checking (minor cracking) may occur. 

This checking is a normal process as a timber age and this does not affect either the integrity or longevity of the product. 

As for our canvas covers, Suncoast Sitra recommends our 100% acrylic covers. Such canvas covers should be nosed down regularly to remove dust and dirt. Stubborn Soiling may be removed by soaking for 20 minutes in a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and hang out to dry.


During the initial weathering of the Kwila timber, a dark brown/red sap leeches out, particularly during wet, damp or humid conditions, As the nature of each piece of timber is different, this “bleeding” period is unpredictable in length. A thorough hose down of the furniture several times on a grasses area will assist in flushing the excess sap away. Alternatively leave the product out during heavy rain and let nature assist you. Once completed , a light wipe with oil is recommended. 

Should staining still occur on tiles etc. this can be removed by scrubbing with strong bleach. If left alone, the sap will gradually fade over a periods of time. 

Note: Remove Canvas covers prior to bleeding to avoid possible staining.