Suncoast Sitra Pte Ltd

Suncoast Sitra Pte Ltd is a leading brand centric distributor of quality wood based products and lifestyle outdoor furniture. We operate from our headquarters in Singapore which also serves as the marketing and customer service, operational planning treasury and administrative centre. Our lifestyle furniture design function is based in Brisbane, Australia and manufacturing facility is based in Surubaya, Indonesia. 

For the past 30 years, we have grown from our humble origins as a sawn timber trader to being one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of quality wood based products and lifestyle outdoor furniture, carrying our own brands. Today, we have over 280 corporate customers in 62 countries and our customers recognise the quality that comes with a Sitra product. From Australasia to Europe, from Middle East to North America, Sitra has consistently sought to bring the best in quality wood, design and innovation to their customers. "Delivering Quality Products, Building Successful Brand". This has been our vision since day one and its reflected in the awards we have received over the years.

Product List

* Outdoor Decking 

* Outdoor Decking Tiles 

* Outdoor Furniture 

* Outdoor Fence and Trellis 

* Outdoor Structural Timber : Poles, Beams and Construction Wood 

* Timber Mouldings 

* Indoor Flooring and Skirting 

* Finger Jointed Laminated Panels and Beams made of various wood species : Rubber Wood, Merbau, Balau & Kapur 

* Staircases and Stair Parts, Counters, Wooden Tops & Housing Material 

* Solid Wooden Church Pews 

* Indoor Wall Panels 

* Indoor Suar Slab Tables


Quality is Our Assurance

Established in 1979 to engage primarily in the import and export of quality sawn timber and plywood, SITRA has since broadened its business to encompass complete outdoor furniture systems and solutions. 

Through Total Quality Management and a dedication to all things wooded, we have been able to build on experience and strength to achieve peak standards in design and workmanship : 

ISO 9001:2000 certification in 1997 

Merit Award for best exhibit at the International Fair 2004 

Consecutive Enterprise 50 awards in 2004 and 2005. 

Such accomplishments can only be possible with the support, commitment and dedication from customers, vendors and staff alike, providing the kind encouragement and drive we need to succeed.